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I know how difficult it is to learn the piano theoretically. Many people just quit only because they find it very boring to learn the sheet music, or they are unable to dedicate extra hours to piano learning. What if they have their personal piano instructor right into their computer? Moreover, how would it be to go through the piano lesson without the weighty and often incomprehensible sheet notes? Sounds cool, doesn't it? All you need is a computer and your piano in front of you, and you are all set for the action! Browse your favorite song’s piano tutorial from the list and play it as many times as you want. Why should you waste money on those piano classes which force you to learn sheet music and play the songs which you have never heard of? The technique I have adopted here at is very simple, natural and life-time rewarding. We focus on the “Play By Ear” concept. Our step by step piano tutorials are completely focused on developing listening ability which ultimately makes you able to “Play By Ear”. No matter what your age is, what profession you are in, what piano experience you have, these piano lessons will teach you right from the beginner right hand melodies to advanced left hand arpeggios.
Lot of people find it difficult to play with both hands. Many of them find it difficult to recognize the chords. No worries, once you start with our lessons, all your difficulties will be solved. So go head and browse your favorite song’s piano tutorial. Before you go ahead, be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new uploads.
Happy Music Making!!

Vishal Bagul,
Your Personal Piano Instructor.
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